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I've never seen wildflowers as diverse and prolific as this year. I've been visiting and photographing in the mountains of Colorado for 15 years and this year is blowing my mind.
A tapestry of Wild Paintbrush. ©Kit FrostRose Crown at 11,000 feet ©Kit FrostWilds along a creek at 11,000 feet ©Kit FrostCreekside Wilds ©Kit FrostCreekside Wilds ©Kit FrostGotta love Wilds. Creekside Wilds ©Kit FrostA tapestry of Wild Paintbrush. ©Kit FrostColorado Columbine ©Kit FrostPenstemmon at 11,000 feetRosy Paintbrush. ©Kit FrostWildflowers-2015-3Rosy Paintbrush and American Bistort. ©Kit FrostParry's Primrose, an early spring Wildflower. ©Kit FrostParry's Primrose, an early spring Wildflower. ©Kit FrostMonkey Flower, near Maggie Gulch, Colorado. ©Kit FrostWildflowers-2015-1Wildflowers-2015-2Wildflowers-2015-9Wildflowers-2015-3Wildflowers-2015-5