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Moonrise and Sandstone SunsetThe Watchman, Zion National ParkZion Sandstone BeautySunrise at the Towers of the VirginBridge Mountain Sunset, Zion National ParkMoonrise over the WatchmanThe Great White Throne from Big BendVirgin River Fall-Court of the PatriarchsVirgin River flow.Virgin River flow.Virgin River Reflections, Zion National ParkEcho Canyon-ZionAbraham, SunsetEarly Fall Color on the RiverwalkTexture and Color, Zion National ParkSandstone and light, Zion National ParkEcho Canyon Shadows-Zion National ParkVirgin River Reflections, Zion National ParkShadow and Light, Observation PointLooking up at the East Temple from Observation Point Trail, Zion