Glacier National Park Artist-in-Residence

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Glacier National Park-AIR-2Lake McDonald-Incoming StormI often use my iPhone as a sketching tool. I heard the pounding of the waves from my cabin at Lake McDonald and ran to this location.

Glacier National Park-AIR-6Full Moon Setting over Two Medicine.Using my Nikon 55-300mm lens proved to be just one of the solutions for capturing this image.

Artists reimagine remarkable Montana historic sites

Take six artists and drop them into five historic sites in Montana and give them a month to create new works inspired both by the place and its history.That’s the joyful assignment that sent these artists to the following sites this summer:

  • David Burke, Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark, month of August, painting
  • Kit Frost, Glacier National Park: GNP National Park Service, mid-August to mid-September, photography
  • D.G. House, Traveler’s Rest National Historic Landmark, September/October, painting
  • Lewis Williams, Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, August, painting/woodcut prints
  • Ben Bloch, Virginia City National Historic Landmark, mid-July through mid-August, painting
  • Tim Holmes, artist-at-large who is visiting all sites to provide a unifying perspective, (July through October), painting

The project, “Reimagine Montana: National Parks, Historic Landmarks, Trails and Monuments Across Time” is funded by a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and National Park Service, both of which are celebrating anniversaries this year. The NEA marks 50 years and the NPS celebrates its 100th anniversary.

All five sites have national historic significance, said Chere Jiusto, executive director of MPA, who came up with the brainstorm.

The impetus for creating this project was an NEA call for proposal, Imagine Your Parks, said Jiusto. “It just put me in mind of the powerful artwork that had been done over time depicting Montana, the cultural and history here, the vast landscape -- it seemed like such a perfect fit.”

“It seemed a really beautiful way to commemorate these places that mean so much to all us and how they resonate with people.”

These contemporary artists-in-residence walk in the steps of such renowned artists as Karl Bodmer, Thomas Moran, Charlie Russell, Thomas Hart Benton, Gustav Sohon, John Fery and Native American traditional artists.

“It’s been just a tremendous success,” Jiusto said of the project. “Uniformly, the artists have just loved it. Creatively, the work they’ve produced is beyond what we had hoped for.”

“Every place that hosted them found the artist in tune with the history that took place there -- in particular.”

Some of the art is still in progress.



Two Medicine Lake-720p from Kit Frost on Vimeo.


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