An Afternoon of Wildflower Photography- July 30

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An Afternoon of  Wildflower Photography, Thursday, July 30

Close-up Photography Lessons. Locate the most beautiful Colorado Columbine, the star of the show. Add a supporting cast.


Join us this year for our Wildflower Photography Workshop.  The recent and deep snowfall in the San Juan Mountains assures us of a terrific and profuse wildflower season. On July 30, we'll head up to the Silverton-Rico Trail, where our varied subjects will include macro wildflowers, wilds along Mineral Creek, a lesson in shutter speed at the Creek fall, and some near-far, flowers and mountains.  A great location for Colorado Wildflowers.

July 30, noon till 7pm

Bring your favorite digital camera gear, your smart phone, point and shoot or a DSLR, a variety of lenses, a tripod if you are using a Digital SLR and be ready for a wide range of weather. This location is outside of Silverton.  We'll meet at the Silverton Welcome Center at noon.

Bring a fully charged camera, and your power cords for car charging if needed.

Tuition: $95. Includes expert instruction, field review on your LCD.  Carpools are advised to share rides to locations.  Register soon.  

La Plata Canyon, Grand ScenesCumberland Basin and Diorite Peak. Foreground, middle ground, mountains: choose the correct place to focus.

About Chase the Light Photography Lessons

We take you to the best locations and work with you privately and in groups to teach the best techniques for Grand and Intimate Photography:

  • Macro
  • Close-up
  • Grand and Intimate Landscapes
  • Near/far
  • Depth of Field
  • Shutter and Aperture priority.

Deer Creek and Bitter Cress, Hwy 550, Silverton.Focus on a near group of flowers, and make the supporting cast interesting.





Kit Frost
Contact me with any questions about our Wildflower Photography Workshop.
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