The Abundance of Water in Acadia

June 22, 2015  •  3 Comments

"Water is the driving force of all nature"Leonardo da Vinci

The abundance of water in Acadia National Park, cascading down pink granite walls and collecting in glassy pools, serves to remind us of its importance: all living things need water to survive.  Six ponds within or bordering the park help provide some of the water. (imprinted on my Acadia National Park water bottle)


After the Rains

I'm thrilled to say that I feel connected to this land, to the tides, to the sounds, to the colors on the Schoodic Peninsula.  This is one of the great gifts of a residency.  To follow my muse, to respond to the light and weather, are some of the joys of time spent in one location, making art, making videos and images.

Yesterday, while driving down the peninsula, I heard an unfamiliar sound, and got out of the car to investigate.  The sound was rushing water cutting through the forest, heading to the sea.  My guess is the source of the heavy flow of water, and muddy color, was because the path of least resistance downhill, churned up some creekside mud and let it show the power of rain.  I hope you like this video sequence.  I was standing in the rain as I recorded each segment, following the stream to it's termination at West Pond.  The sound was awesome, as was the sight of the power of the water.

After the Rains, Acadia



Barbara Southworth(non-registered)
Nice rich in-the-rain moments. Thanks, Kit.
Kit Frost
Thanks for taking the time to view this Pauline, Yes the sounds were loud, awesome and I'm glad I got to experience this.
Pauline Makar(non-registered)
As I read this post, I was feeling and visualizing the sight and sounds of this awesome video and post. Thanks Kit.
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