Heartbeat: Color and Form in Photography

June 15, 2015  •  8 Comments

Experiencing Acadia National Park

A few days ago at Acadia National Park, I explored Mount Desert Island.  The Artist in Residence program is sponsored/hosted by The Schoodic Institute, and is on the Schoodic Peninsula, about and hour down east of Mount Desert Island.  I enjoy the quiet side of the park, here at Schoodic, but want to fully explore Acadia.  I hiked the Jordan Pond, the three mile hike around the pond is wonderful.  After stopping for dinner and popovers, I drove south on Route 3/198 and looped around the Eastern Way to scout Upper Hadlock Pond.  

Reflections of Acadia

I spied the reflection from the road, safely pulled over and spent the next hour enjoying the changing light of dusk.  I was attracted to the "heartbeat" of the bare white trunks on the far side of the pond. Using a 300mm Nikon lens for a tight composition to capture warm/cool relationship of the water, the shadows and the sunlit forest.  While at the location, a beaver and a loon were curious, and swam and fished nearby.

Warm Cool Reflection in a pond.The Heartbeat of AcadiaThe layers of light and shadow, warm and cool colors attracted me to this scene at Upper Hadlock Pond, Acadia National Park

untitled-595The Golden HourAs a family was fishing, I was seduced by the approaching sunset and warm/cool color of the lily pads. The frogs were singing.


Kit Frost
thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I like this new website for the ease of blogging and for visitors to comment.
Chris Poruczynski(non-registered)
Enjoyed your pictures posted on Facebook throughout your two Artist Residencies. The beauty of Acadia and its water scenes and powerful breaks onto the rocky shoreline are just incredible.
Alyssa Graves(non-registered)
It LOOKS like you're having the time of life! It definitely shows!!
Kit Frost
Thanks all, I am most seduced by color and reflections. I'm teaching a class this week, intro to Impressionism, middle school kids, watercolor.
Terri Graham(non-registered)
love this❤️
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