Artist in Residence: Time to Experiment

June 14, 2015  •  6 Comments

Boulders and Reflections at Acadia National ParkiPhone SketchI use my iPhone to sketch ideas. Sometimes the iPhone photo is enough to find my voice, sometimes I return with my Nikon gear.

The luxury of time while a visiting artist at our National Parks allows me to experiment with photographic techniques.  Experimentation is key.  While here at Acadia National Park, I have created images to add to my portfolio; I love working with reflections and with water. 

Techniques of the week

  • iPhoneography, using the iPhone as a sketching tool
  • Slow Shutter Speeds, capturing the surf and boulders along the coast of Maine
  • Reflections: Inspired by the Impressionists.

I like to intrigue the viewer by not including a horizon line, and to give the impression of the moment. I'm inspired by painters, like Monet.

Lily pads, blades of grass and sky reflected in pond.Hamilton Pond Reflection-Mount Desert IslandSeduced to stop at a local fishing spot. I was initially influenced by the setting sun. But spied the sky reflected in the pond.

Playing with Shutter Speed at the Coast of Maine, led me to photograph an incoming tide, just after sunset.  Photographed after the sunset,the exposure was f22@30 seconds. It's very helpful that the exposure metadata is recorded, as I can learn from the information.  This image is developed in Lightroom.  I photograph RAW files and enjoy post-production, as it allows me to be sure the image is interpreted properly, as I felt it.  

untitled-540Slow Shutter Speed-Incoming Tide

In the example below, I used a camera setting of 1/6 of a second at f22.  The shutter speed records the movement of the water with less "smoke".  I enjoy the sky reflected in the water and on the foreground boulders.  

The Colors of the Cost




Love the photos. Definitely makes me miss the ocean. Looking forward to seeing more of your shots and getting your help with mine
thank you for the beautiful pictures!
Kit Frost
Thanks for much Nancy. I need the feedback.
What a beautiful collection of photos, soft, expressive. The reflection of sky in water is what drew me in.
Kit Frost
Thanks so much Anita. and folks, can you share using Pin it, tweet, google or like it for Facebook? Just testing the services.
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