Acadia National Park: Working with Shutter Speed

June 10, 2015  •  2 Comments

Today at Acadia National Park/Schoodic Institute

As I explore the coast of Schoodic Peninsula, I enjoyed the changing light, weather and wind.  The surf at Schoodic Point has been really strong and the waves are beautiful.  Even when fog and rain obscure the coast, I can still hear the pounding of the surf. In fact, I can hear it from my apartment and as I walk outside at Schoodic Institute.  

Blue Green Sea and White wall of waves hitting the coastal bouldersBlue Green Sea and SurfAt f14@500 of a second I see that I can freeze the waves as they hit the rocky coast.

Today was a "boring blue sky" kind of day.  I went for a scouting mission to the Sundew Trail and Schoodic Point.  I'm usually adverse to photographing with mid-afternoon light but the surf proved to be a great subject in the sun.  As I work this week with shutter speed and 3-5 frames per second shooting, I see that f14 works well for what I'm looking for in depth of field, and I like how 1/500 of a second captures the frozen wave forms.  Using my Nikon 55-300 lens I played with compositions, and although I usually avoid centering the subject, this wave is smack in the middle.  I think the white foam leading to the left helps move the eye through the frame.  And I really love the blue/green water.  What do you think?

Surf's UpSurf's Up



Kit Frost
Thanks for responding and for following up on my request. I'm having a blast here.
Jane Gannon(non-registered)
Fabulous photos Kit!
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