Elusive Sunrise and Sunset

May 08, 2015  •  3 Comments

On a recent, and first, trip to Baja, I was blown away by the sunset at our beach campsite.  As the National Geo photographers say, when we experience amazing light, "shoot the s... out of it"

Multicolor Sunset on the Sea of CortezSunset on the Sea of CortezUsing my iPhone, I grabbed this photo while camping on a beach in Baja, Mexico. ©Kit Frost



Ashley Connolly(non-registered)
hey Alyssa,

This seemed easy to find a blog article and comment on it. Gorgeous photo by the way.
Kit Frost
thanks Nancy, The elusive sunset. In two weeks at Crater I only saw sunset one night.
Nancy Wracher(non-registered)
Gorgeous sunset.
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