Isn't Life Grand, Adventure in Arizona and Utah

October 08, 2015  •  2 Comments

Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase and Grand Wash

I've just returned from a terrific trip to Arizona and Utah.  First stop, the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I love to visit the artists at the annual Celebration of the Arts along the rim and in the park.  As an Invitational Event, sponsored by the Grand Canyon Association, the Celebration is a time to meet with and watch painters throughout the Grand Canyon National Park.

I watched and connected with some of the painters. And explored the canyon from the rim overlooks.  There's a terrific, easy, trail that runs along the South Rim.

I've been attending this inspiring art event at the Grand for three years now, and I really leave inspired.  In fact, this year I painted on the rim too.

DSC_0040John Cogan, painting with acrylicsJohn Cogan, from New Mexicao, demonstrated acrylic painting to a group of folks near the El Tovar Hotel.

DSC_0059In progress, acrylic plain-air by John Cogan

DSC_0226Mitch Baird at Mather PointMitch's first year participating in the Celebration of the Arts. Mitch inspired me to grab my paints and set up for plein air on the rim.

While at the Grand Canyon, I was fortunate to have some clouds for the first few days.  So I explored the self-assigned "Shadow and Light" essay and created a new portfolio.

DSC_0166Comanche PointShadow and Light at the Grand

DSC_0206Desert View, with Comanche Point DSC_0091Inner Gorge ViewI used my 55-300mm lens to explore and capture a closer look at the inner gorge. Some of the oldest rock on the planet

Next stop Escalante Festival of the Arts

I decided to actually register as one of the artists at the Escalante Arts Festival.  Driving from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to Escalante, Utah is spectacular as I passed through the Navajo Reservation, crossed the Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon and continued up along Hwy 89A to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.   I didn't stop at the rim, but instead camped at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah.  Designed for ATV enthusiasts, the park has a small campground (read that as not much privacy), but it was fun to enjoy sunset on the sand dunes.  

Escalante State Park was my destination, my home base for a week.  The festival provided group camping and 6 of us were sharing a sweet space with water and picnic tables.

I enjoyed the inspiration of the participants in the festival, and each evening there was an event highlighting geology, natural history, and a few receptions for artists.  The locals treated us very well.  I completed three oil paintings while at the festival, and sold two of them at the final brunch.

After the Festival

It's been years since I've explored Scenic Highway 12 in Utah.  Originally I talked with the rangers (thanks Ranger Shannon), and I thought I'd wind up down the Hole in the Rock Road for some backcountry hiking.  Instead I drove to the Grand Staircase along the Burr Trail.  I was completely surprised at the grandeur, the Wingate Sandstone forms, Long Canyon and Crack in the Rock Slot Canyon.

Escalante-Grand StaircaseEscalante-Grand Staircase First look at the Gulch, Grand StaircaseFirst look at the Gulch, Grand Staircase Long Canyon RoadLong Canyon Road Crack in the Rock, Burr TrailCrack in the Rock, Burr Trail Burr Trail InspirationBurr Trail Inspiration My painting on the Burr TrailMy painting on the Burr Trail Rolling Hills-Burr TrailRolling Hills-Burr Trail

More to follow.  Stand by.






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Your photos are magical. I feel like I'm right there with you. Thanks for sharing
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