Great Photography, Great Teachers

Chase the Light Photography is the vision and passion of Kit Frost.  A nationally recognized photographer and master teacher,  Kit has been teaching and sharing her passion for photography for 40 years. The principal instructor at Chase the Light Photography Adventures, Kit believes that Great Photography can be taught.  She practices her craft with passion, is a workshop instructor at the Maine Media Workshops, and takes students on field instruction throughout the Western USA.  Kit's photographs are in collections, both public and private, Worldwide.

Some of our recent locations for lessons have been:

  • Monument Valley
  • Slot Canyons of Northern Arizona
  • Waterfalls of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado
  • Colorado Wildflowers
  • Zion National Park

"I know that camera skills are teachable, and that great composition is teachable, and I believe great photographs
come from a combination of training, practice, vision and passion. I'm a firm believer that all students can be successful in Photography and Imaging.  I give students private attention and lead them to find their voice in their photos.  I concentrate on private and group lessons in the field, in photographers' homes and in my studio in Durango, Colorado.
Whether your camera of choice is your iPhone, a Holga, a Point and Shoot Camera, or a high-end Digital Camera, or your View Camera, vision is the most important thing I can inspire in you. "    Kit Frost 

What students are saying about Chase the Light Instruction

I took my first class in beginning black and white film photography from Kit Frost in 1999.  Kit laid out the basics clearly with good examples, and provided plenty of individual instruction and encouragement. I learned a lot
and kept coming back. Since then, I've taken Kit's classes in dark room technique, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom; I've accompanied her on wildflower, waterfall, and night sky workshops around the
Four corners; and I've profited from many individual lessons. Kit's instruction is always well planned and organized, but flexible enough to meet the needs of individual students or, on field trips, the demands of the light or the weather. She treats even the dumbest questions seriously and helpfully. As a retired teacher myself, I have a great appreciation for
Kit's teaching abilities. Her enthusiasm for both nature and art is infectious, and her instruction promotes responsible care of the environment. Besides, she's a wonderful landscape artist. It's a treat to view our beautiful Four Corners through her eyes. 
Carol Schmudde  

My husband and I have taken several photography classes from Kit Frost. Every time we learned a great deal and also had fun.  She knows photography well, is passionate about it, and is a great teacher and a joy to be around.  Kit has it all.  I highly recommend her classes to one and all. 
Nancy Wracher 

I have taken several workshops with Kit  and in each she improved my photographic capabilities.  She is very good at offering assistance and photographic insight to individual students, whether they be novices or advanced amateurs.  A workshop with Kit is an exciting adventure in photogenic places.  
Jim Parsons

As a student of Kit Frost for the past 14 years, I have learned so much both in the classroom and on the workshops.  Kit is a fabulous teacher for a myriad of reasons.  She is educated in both art and photography, she was a classroom teacher for many years, she is extremely knowledgeable about the art, equipment and post production she has experienced many phases of the profession, and she openly displays passion and enthusiasm for this field. Kit takes each student where they are and gently guides them in their quest for iconic images. Her praises are lavish and her critiques are gentle but truthful. People who participate in the workshops and classes can't help but improve, She certainly sets high standards for her students when you observe her own work and listen to Kit describe her process.

She spends a lot of time scouting and organizing the different areas so that her workshop participants will have the best opportunity to experience what she is teaching. 
Carol Lewin

I have had been working with Kit for several years and what a pleasure it has been. She has a strong love of photography and that love shows not only in her work but how she works with her students. No matter if we are talking about lighting, composition or any other facet it is done in a way that relates to each student and not just a "text book" explanation. Her workshops are hands on, every student has one on one time with her reviewing photos and suggesting how it could be improved. Kit's enthusiasm and patience is never-ending whether you are in the classroom or out in the field.  I feel so fortunate to have Kit Frost as my instructor; she has made such a difference in my life in how "I see" photography. 
Debra Parmenter