Photography is my passion. And art is my life.  I realize that I see things in a frame, and then work from that frame, whether with a camera, paint, sharpie or in memory

As the director of Kit Frost Photography based in Durango, Colorado. I take photo enthusiasts of all levels on Photography Adventures and Lessons in the Southwest USA, and can be found teaching private lessons in my studio in Durango. Often hearing that they always wanted to learn photography, I enjoy supporting and nurturing the dreams of my students.

Currently I am traveling as an Artist in Residence at our National Parks.  In 2015, I will create new images and explore, in depth, at Crater Lake and Acadia National Parks, Capitol Reef, Zion and the Grand Canyon too.  



Kit Frost lives and works on the Colorado Plateau; spending a great deal of time exploring the Western, USA.  Photography and imaging is her medium. Her lens is focused on some of the most photographed and painted landscapes in the world and in our universe.  That said; Kit’s work is in pursuit of personal responses to visual observations concerning water issues, climate change, preservation, conservation, and air quality.  Having grown up in urban New Jersey, and seeing the results of urban sprawl and disappearing open space, and night sky, Kit’s focus is on capturing the grand, intimate and unique before it vanishes.  

Passionate and compassionate about the landscapes of the West, Kit’s current portfolios speak to the nature of space, light, form, and the impacts of the 21st century on our world.  The Colorado Plateau is undergoing a severe draught, rivers and reservoirs are running low, Ancient Puebloan (Anasazi) sites are often explored and disturbed, ruined, by pot hunters, and the uninformed visitor; our big, vast, open, skies are obscured by haze, an outcome of coal-fired power plants and other sources of effluence in the vicinity of some of our natural wonders.  Much of the world suffers from some form of rapid extraction and commercialization, whether that be shown by the bathtub ring at Lake Powell, or the imperiled last remaining old growth stands of Redwoods; and impacts on global resources of climate change.

Kit’s preferred method of recording her reactions to the land is through iphoneography, medium and large format, film and digital methods.  Her belief it that photography is NOT about the camera, but about the vision behind the tool.